At least 118 Tory MPs to rebel over gay marriage

The Prime Minister David Cameron faces a huge rebellion by his own MPs over Government plans to redefine marriage.

The rebels so far number 118, including some senior ministers, but that number only represents those who have publicly nailed their colours to the mast.

Many more MPs are likely to oppose the policy if it comes to a vote, but have not yet stated their position publicly.


The news will heap further pressure on the Prime Minister, who is already facing fierce criticism from his party colleagues.

Last week polls showed that voters are deserting the Tories in their droves over the policy.

The 118 MPs have been identified by the Coalition for Marriage based upon statements made by the MPs themselves.


Many of them are against the policy on principle, but others are against it for pragmatic reasons.

Some think it is damaging the Tory party with voters and shouldn’t be a priority at a time of economic hardship.

An editorial in the Daily Mail called on the Government to “stop the posturing” and asked, “When will we find rulers prepared to address the issues which actually matter to the public rather than their own politically-correct obsessions?”


A Sunday Times editorial said the opposition of nearly 120 MPs “could be the prime minister’s biggest parliamentary rebellion”.

The paper added: “Through it all the prime minister will be attacked for wasting time on unnecessary distractions when there are more urgent priorities for the country.”