Angela Merkel challenged on abortion by woman with Down’s

A woman with Down’s syndrome has challenged German Chancellor Angela Merkel on live television over the abortion of babies with the condition.

Natalie Dedreux, an 18-year-old magazine editor, asked Mrs Merkel why so many Down’s babies were aborted.

Abortion is allowed on demand in the country up to 12 weeks. But the practice is allowed later if doctors believe the baby will be born with a disability, or if there is a risk to the physical or mental health of the mother.

‘So much potential’

Dedreux pointed out that: “Nine out of ten babies with Down Syndrome in Germany aren’t born.”

She added: “My colleagues and I want to know what your opinion on late stage abortion is, Mrs Merkel. Why can babies with Down Syndrome be aborted shortly before birth?”

Merkel responded by saying her party has campaigned for parents in Germany to receive a compulsory consultation before going through with an abortion.

She added that everyone, including people with Down’s syndrome, “can do something for society” and has “so much potential”.

TED Talk

Karen Gaffney, international advocate for people with Down’s syndrome, has previously spoken about the huge contribution people with the condition can make to society.

Majority aborted

Statistics show that one in every 1,000 babies in the UK is diagnosed with Down’s syndrome.

In England and Wales, figures show that 92 per cent of babies who are diagnosed with Down’s syndrome in the womb are aborted.

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