Abortion lobby attacks appointment of Minister with pro-life views

Abortion giant the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) has claimed the new Minister for Women is unfit for office because she has expressed pro-life views.

BPAS said it was “appalled” the Prime Minister had appointed Maria Caulfield MP to the role of Women’s Minister, branding the decision ‘an offence to women’s rights’.

Caulfield recently voted against the introduction of ‘buffer zones’ around abortion clinics in England and Wales and opposed making DIY home abortions permanent in England.


Katherine O’Brien of BPAS suggested Caulfield would be unwilling and unable to speak up for women because she “previously stated that she wants to be a ‘voice for the unborn child’”.

O’Brien went on to dismiss Caulfield’s pro-life convictions as “a minority view”, before claiming they were likely to hinder pregnant women from receiving ‘appropriate’ healthcare.

she wants to be a ‘voice for the unborn child’

And the Director of the Centre for Women’s Justice, Harriet Wistrich, said: “We are horrified that a clear opponent of abortion rights has been appointed minister for women.”


Caulfield, who will have overall responsibility for policy on gender equality, said on BBC Politics Live: “I am allowed on these life matters to have a personal view, without being criticised or told I can’t do my job.”

The MP for Lewes had previously been attacked by BPAS, on her appointment to Conservative Vice Chair for Women in 2018, for speaking out against abortion on demand.

Caulfield defended her position at the time, saying: “It’s a sad day in this country if you can’t have a different view to someone. To say that someone who has a different view cannot represent women is absolutely ridiculous.”

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