Abortion is a ‘fundamental human right’, claims Canada PM

The Prime Minister of Canada has called on the Republic of Ireland to radically overhaul its pro-life laws, as he called abortion a ‘human right’.

Justin Trudeau made the extraordinary comments during a discussion with his Irish counterpart – Prime Minister Leo Varadkar – currently in the country on an official visit.

Canada has one of the most liberal abortion laws of any country in the world. It is allowed at any time, for any reason.


Trudeau said: “On the issue of reproductive rights, I shared our perspective that reproductive rights for women are integral to women’s rights in general and women’s rights are human rights and I encouraged him to look at it as a question of fundamental rights for women and we had a good discussion on that.”

His comments have been criticised by Irish pro-life organisation, the Life Institute.

Speaking for the organisation, Niamh Uí Bhriain, said: “In Ireland we protect the human rights of both mother and baby, and Canada could learn from Ireland in this regard”.


Last week, Uí Bhriain launched a staunch defence of the country’s abortion law following criticism from the United Nations.

Over the last month, two separate UN committees called for liberalisation of the law in Ireland, where abortion is currently illegal unless the life of the mother is in danger.

Uí Bhriain slammed the committees for “putting their own personal and political interpretations” on human rights treaties in an attempt to force the Republic of Ireland to legalise abortion.

Prime Minister Varadkar has already promised to hold a referendum on the abortion issue – expected to take place next year.

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