‘A witness to the beauty of life’: Abortion survivor speaks of God’s goodness

A woman who survived an abortion is now using her story to speak about the goodness of God.

Gianna Jessen, who was born during a chemical abortion procedure, praises God for saving her life and wants to encourage others to see the harms of abortion through her story.

She now tours the US speaking at pro-life events and has testified before Congress four times about abortion.

‘Depend on Jesus’

Gianna was born during an attempted chemical abortion procedure in Los Angeles. She survived at 29 weeks.

Despite being described as “a hopeless case” with doctors predicting that she would not even be able to crawl, she began walking aged three and has gone on to compete in marathons.

The procedure left her with cerebral palsy, which she describes as a “gift” because it allows her “to really depend on Jesus for everything”.


After finding out that she was an abortion survivor, Gianna started sharing her story.

She encourages anyone who has been hurt by abortion to turn to God.

She added: “We can either choose to be defined by all the injustice in all of the terrible things that may or may not have happened in our lives, or we can be set free by Jesus.”

Choose life

At this year’s US Values Voter Summit survivors of abortion spoke about how they were never supposed to be born and why they now speak out against the practice.

The speakers included Claire Culwell who was born two and a half months premature after her brother was aborted.

She now travels the world to encourage expectant mothers to choose life.

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