4-year-olds told to embrace ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ trans book

Four-year-olds in Scotland are to be given a picture book promoting transgender ideology and encouraging children to be unafraid of strangers.

Written and illustrated by LGBT writer Morag Hood, Brenda is a Sheep tells children that a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing really “is a sheep”.

The book is being distributed to all Primary 1 schoolchildren by the Scottish Book Trust, which is supported by the Scottish Government.


In the new book, Brenda attempts to befriend a flock of sheep in order to eat them, but is eventually won round by the flock’s acceptance.

Despite Brenda being taller, having pointed teeth and wearing a woolly jumper, the book says the flock believes Brenda to be “probably the best sheep they’ve ever met”, and that “All the sheep want to be just like Brenda”.

Teach Primary Book Awards declared the story to be the winner in its Early Years category. It said the book: “deals brilliantly with ideas of difference and acceptance”.

It added that the book was “perfect for using as a springboard for early classroom discussions about inclusion”.

‘Politically motivated’

However, the story has been has been attacked for messaging that puts women and girls at risk.

Writing for digital magazine Spiked, feminist writer Jo Bartosch slammed what she described as the book’s clear “political motive”.

wolfish ideology in equality’s clothing

She said: “It is a book about how it is wrong to be suspicious of men who identify as transgender women and demand access to women’s spaces.”

She warned people to “wake up to this wolfish ideology in equality’s clothing.”

Safeguarding concerns

Tracy Shaw, a spokeswoman for Safe Schools Alliance UK, also raised safeguarding concerns over the book’s message.

She said: “Children need to be encouraged to trust their instincts about people and situations and feel supported to express them.

“People who prey on children will use all kinds of strategies to get close to them. This book blatantly encourages children to question their boundaries under the guise of being kind and inclusive.”

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