'Religious freedom a
code word for

Religious liberty is a code word for discrimination and intolerance, the Chairman of the US Commission on Civil Rights has claimed.


‘Stop abortion’ Bill moves ahead in Poland

A new Bill proposing a near total ban on abortion in Poland has received initial approval from the Sejm, the lower house of Parliament.


Sperm bank’s ‘order a daddy’ app trivialises parenthood

Women can now choose sperm donors by race, education and eye colour on a new app – described by a pro-life campaigner as the “denigration of fatherhood”.


US Christian artist sues to protect religious beliefs

A Christian graphic designer in the US has filed a federal lawsuit, in an attempt to avoid being forced to use her artistic talents to promote same-sex marriage.


Faith shelters must admit trans men with women

Women’s shelters in the US must admit men if they identify as transsexual, after a new regulation was passed.

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