Thousands protest
against abortion in

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Madrid on Saturday, calling on the Government to reform the country’s abortion law.


Law Society drops Sharia wills guidance amid concerns

The Law Society has withdrawn controversial guidance on Sharia-compliant wills, in response to concerns that they discriminate against women.


‘Welsh smacking ban would criminalise most parents’

Smacking should not be banned in Wales because the vast majority of parents would be turned into criminals, a columnist has warned.


Ashers: MLA in equality law ‘conscience clause’ bid

An MLA is seeking to introduce a “conscience clause” in Northern Ireland, in response to an equality quango’s legal action against a Christian-run bakery in the Province.


Supermarkets vow to hide graphic front page content

Two of the country’s largest supermarkets are going to change their newspaper displays because of fears that children are being exposed to graphic content.

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