Box office success for
film about power of

A low-budget Christian film has shot to incredible success in the US, faring better than some of the latest Hollywood blockbusters.


MP: ‘Assisted suicide devalues human life’

A Conservative MP has set out her opposition to Rob Marris MP’s Bill to introduce assisted suicide, which will be debated next week.


UK Christians see danger in Govt’s ‘British values’ agenda

The vast majority of evangelical Christians in the UK recognise the danger of the Government’s ‘British values’ agenda, a new survey has found.


‘Make space for hope and love, not assisted suicide’

Offers of help and gestures of love should be at the centre of our relationships rather than assisted suicide, a commentator has warned.


Parents celebrate triplets after rejecting abortions

A couple are set to celebrate their triplets’ first birthdays after refusing to abort two of the babies.

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