Ex-Attorney General: Brits
forced to hide faith in

An “aggressive form of secularism” is pushing faith out of the public square, the former Attorney General has warned.


US clinic follows up GM babies’ health for first time

A US fertility clinic is investigating the health of children born more than 15 years ago as a result of a controversial technique using genetic material from three parents.


Lib Dem plans to force sex ed on 7-yr-olds are ‘dangerous’

The Christian Institute is raising serious concerns about the Liberal Democrats’ plans to force schools to deliver lessons on sex and relationships to children as young as seven.


Politicians speak out against anti-Semitism

A number of politicians, including Faith Minister Eric Pickles, have criticised the rise of anti-Semitic attacks in the UK.


Boycott prevents the sale of legal highs

A newsagent in Musselburgh, Scotland, has stopped selling legal highs after facing a boycott by local residents.

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