Judge blocks Obama's trans
rule from coming into force

Students in US schools will not have to share showers and toilets with people of the opposite sex, after a federal judge blocked an order from President Obama.


Non-violent extremist 1: Rosa Parks

Our first non-violent extremist from history is Rosa Parks, a woman who became known as the “mother of the civil rights movement” in America.


‘Euthanasia tourists’ choose Belgium to seek death

People wanting to be euthanised are travelling to Belgian accident and emergency departments and asking to be killed.


The Little Book of Non-Violent Extremists

To mark the launch of our new publication ‘The Little Book of Non-Violent Extremists’, the Institute will be highlighting famous people who were vilified in their own day, but who are now regarded as heroes.


‘I felt violated when told to share bathroom with boys’

Over 50 families in America are suing a high school district over new rules regarding the use of school changing rooms and toilets by the opposite sex.

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