Prof: 'We can't predict the
harm caused by GM embryos'

A prominent medical ethics professor has warned that gene editing of human embryos could have unforeseen and potentially harmful consequences for future generations.


Let trans kids choose toilets, says new ROI schools advice

Secondary schools in the Republic of Ireland should let transsexual students use toilets and changing facilities that correspond with their ‘gender identity’, according to new Department of Education and Skills guidelines.


Ashers facing ‘oppressive attack’ on religious freedom

The owners of Ashers Baking Company are facing an attack on their freedom of conscience, expression and religion, a newspaper columnist has said.


BBC endorses transsexualism on 6 o’clock news

The Christian Institute has criticised the BBC for using its most popular TV news programme to promote transsexualism.


Sunday trading: Govt launches new bid to weaken law

Plans to weaken Sunday trading laws have been revived by the Government, after widespread opposition forced ministers to put the proposals on hold last year.

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