US Christian baker
takes case to Supreme

A Christian who declined to produce a wedding cake for a same-sex couple is taking his case to the US Supreme Court.


‘Doctors treated my unborn baby as a problem, not a human’

A young woman has shared how she was strongly advised to have an abortion up to her 35th week of pregnancy due to the disabilities of her unborn child.


Americans fight controversial transsexual bathrooms order

The US Government’s controversial ‘transgender bathroom’ directive has been met with widespread opposition since being announced in May.


Star of C4 Paralympic ad: I’m proud to be pro-life

The star of a hit Channel 4 Paralympic advert says he is so thankful his parents did not give up on him just because he had spina bifida.


Councils call for new measures to curb gambling

Councils are calling for greater powers to deal with controversial Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) and the proliferation of betting shops.

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