Union: Teachers would
buckle under Named Person

A letter sent to schools by the Scottish Government has revealed that teachers could face unmanageable workloads under the Named Person scheme.


US: Christian clerk sued over marriage licence refusal

Four couples in the US state of Kentucky are suing a registrar who is declining to issue marriage licences following the Supreme Court’s decision to redefine marriage for every state last month.


‘Freedom of religion should be a cornerstone of the West’

A national newspaper columnist has criticised Britain’s increasingly secular society which “seems indifferent” to almost 200,000 abortions every year but “can’t find room for faith schools”.


Would-be Scots Labour leader urges Named Person review

Controversial plans to assign a named person to every child in Scotland should be reconsidered as precious resources will be diverted from the most at-risk children, according to a candidate for the Scottish Labour leadership.


Palliative care review started as MSPs block assisted suicide

MSPs have launched an inquiry into end-of-life care provision in Scotland, after the issue was highlighted during debates on legalising assisted suicide.

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