Named person garden
analogy sows seeds of

‘Imagine, children, that Scotland is a garden and you are a special plant growing in it. All the adults in your lives are gardeners and the named person is the head gardener.’


Mississippi bans brutal dismemberment abortions

Mississippi has voted in a new law which bans dismemberment abortion, a horrific procedure that tears unborn babies “limb from limb”.


Watch: ‘Church youth work plans must be opposed’

The Christian Institute is urging opposition to the Government’s controversial out-of-school settings plans.


‘My talented boy took his life because of gambling’

A 23-year-old who was working for a top accountancy firm led a double life which saw him become addicted to gambling and go on to commit suicide, his father has said.


Named Person plans to recruit housing officers as spies

GPs and housing officers should be recruited to snoop on Scottish families as part of the Named Person scheme, according to minutes from the board behind its implementation.

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