Embryo Experiments 1990 vote

In a nutshell

A vote on whether to ban experiments on human embryos. MPs had liberty to vote according to their conscience.

The details

On 23rd April 1990 the House of Commons debated an amendment to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill to remove the Bill’s provision allowing experiments on human embryos up to 14 days after fertilisation. This would have banned research experiments on embryos. The amendment was defeated by 195 votes to 366.1

At the time, Section 11 and Schedule 2 of the 1990 Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act only permitted experiments on human embryos for the purposes of research into congenital disease, contraception and infertility. This provision was subsequently amended using a Ministerial Order in December 2000.2

How we recorded the vote

  • Voted against banning experiments on human embryos
  • Voted for banning experiments on human embryos
  • Abstained or was absent on the vote for banning experiments on human embryos
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