Assisted suicide Bill vote

In a nutshell

A vote on whether to legalise assisted suicide in England and Wales.

The details

On 11 September 2015, MPs voted strongly against Labour MP Rob Marris’ Private Members’ Bill to introduce assisted suicide in England and Wales.

Following a lengthy debate in which many of the so-called safeguards in the Bill were criticised, MPs voted 330 to 118 against the backbencher’s Bill.

It was very unusual for such a large number of MPs to vote on a Private Members’ Bill, with the debate taking place on a Friday when the Commons is not normally sitting. The vote saw over half of MPs rejecting Rob Marris’ Bill.

Assisted suicide is seen as a matter of conscience and so MPs were granted a free vote on the issue.

How we recorded the vote

  • Voted against legalising assisted suicide
  • Voted for legalising assisted suicide
  • Abstained or was absent on the vote to legalise assisted suicide