Audio by David Jackman

The Covenant Community: Genesis 12 – Deut. 34

Looking at the start of God’s answer to the universal problem of sin. Shown through the establishment of Israel and covenant relationships.Lecture notesThe Covenant Community: Genesis 12 – Deut. 34The Covenant Community: Genesis 12 – Deut. 34. 15 September 1994

Bird’s Eye View: Genesis 1 – 11

This first lecture in the series gives a brief overview of the Old Testament and then looks at the first eleven chapters of the Bible. Particular focus is given to Creation, the Fall, the Flood and the Scattering.

Living in the Land: Joshua to David

The third in this series of lectures looks at the occupying of the Promised land – from it’s conquest, to the rule of judges and then the demand for a king.

Voice of the Prophets: Solomon to Exile

Tracking the highs and lows of Israel’s monarchial reign, including the division of kingdoms. Starting with Solomon, the lecture goes through the books of 1 & 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles, finishing by focusing on the task and message of the Prophets.

The Spreading Word: Acts and Paul

In this penultimate lecture, David Jackman covers the Acts of the Apostles, setting the context for the ministry and letters of the Apostle Paul. Concluding with a focus on Paul’s teaching on the person, life and results of Jesus Christ.

Facing the Future: Later Epistles and Revelation

This, the final lecture of the series, looks at teaching for the church today and the promises of what is to come when Christ returns. David Jackman focuses in particular on the book of Hebrews, the Pastorals (1 & 2 Timothy and Titus) and Revelation.

The Gospel: Matthew to John

This lecture speaks of the fullfilment of God’s promises in Jesus Christ. It looks at the distinctive qualities of the four Gospels and the central concept of the Kingdom.