X Factor judge says music videos are too sexualised

Gary Barlow says music videos are too sexual, and he has had to shield his young children from sexualised pop images.

The X factor judge, father of three and Take That star also warned about music lyrics which contain swearing.

Mr Barlow told OK! Magazine: “The other day I wanted some music in the kitchen and put on one of the music TV channels and a video came on which was so rude I had to turn it off because my nine-year-old was with me.”


He commented: “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a prude but I don’t think I really want my children who are nine, eleven and two seeing these kind of videos at that age. I’m a parent.

“I have responsibility, but I also understand these videos are sexual to attract peoples’ attention.”

The star also commented that he was unhappy when children being looked after by him sang songs which included inappropriate lyrics.

Faux porn

Mr Barlow said while his band’s “tours and some of our songs can be dressed a little sexually”, it is “not too in your face”.

In June Richard Russell, a music executive whose record company backs the hugely successful singer Adele, criticised the “faux porn” imagery in music videos.

Last month a leading head teacher warned of “an avalanche of images and malign influences” which is overwhelming young people.


Dr Helen Wright commented that now, “more than ever”, children “are assaulted by inappropriate images everywhere they look – from the internet, to the pages of magazines, to billboards, to displays in shops”.

Dr Wright, President of the Girls’ Schools Association, continued: “What hope have we got of safeguarding our children’s sacred childhood if they are knocked off their feet on the nursery slopes of life by an avalanche of images and malign influences?”