‘Wonderful’: Baby born after mum refuses abortion

A mum who was advised to abort her baby when her waters broke at 16 weeks but later gave birth to a healthy boy says she wants “everyone to know” about the story.

She was told that her baby had only a one per cent chance of living. But Laura Hill, 20, ignored medical advice to abort and later gave birth to Charlie.

She explained: “I said one per cent is still a chance he could live and I didn’t want to give up on my baby”.


She said: “I was told I was likely to go into labour within two weeks and that the baby only had a one per cent chance of survival and if he did survive there would be a chance of brain damage or lung deformities”.

But amazingly, some weeks after Miss Hill’s waters broke, the membranes around baby Charlie resealed and filled with amniotic fluid again.

Then on 1 March, Miss Hill’s birthday, Charlie was born at a healthy 7lb 3oz, just one week premature.

“He cried but it was a weak cry so I started panicking,” she said. “But then the midwife told me ‘He’s perfectly normal.'”


The mum, who also has a two-year-old daughter called Tillie, said: “I just want everyone to know Charlie’s story.” She added: “I am totally amazed by him and how he fought.”

Charlie’s father, Richard, said: “When Charlie was born it was the happiest day of my life along with when Tillie was born. When I first saw his head and heard his first cry there was so much going through my mind. I thought, ‘We have got our little boy, he’s safe here with us.’ I was so happy.”

Consultant obstetrician Alastair McKelvey said: “A normal outcome in these circumstances is rare. But this is a wonderful story. I admire the faith and optimism which Laura and her partner showed through this difficult time.”

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