“Women deserve to hear the truth”

The second in our ‘Choose Life’ series follows the story of Adele Best who has twice experienced the frightening reality of abortion.

As a result she now passionately believes that abortion is never the answer.

She says women deserve to hear the truth about the “horrific after-effects” which leave women with problems that last a lifetime.

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Adele found her first abortion at the age of 25 to be a very frightening experience.

The Marie Stopes clinic she attended had the “façade of being a professional medical establishment” but she received no counselling prior to her abortion.

After a second abortion which “nearly destroyed” her life and left her unable to function, she became pregnant for the third time and sought help from her parents.


“I would say now that I really think abortion is never right in any circumstance because of the damage it does to a woman”, she said.

“Women deserve to hear the truth about the horrific after-effects of abortion.

“Nobody ever warns them, nobody ever tells them – the media doesn’t, the abortion providers don’t. Women deserve the truth and they’re just not hearing it.”


She concluded: “Abortion is never, ever, the answer. It’s just going to give you a lot more problems and those problems are for a lifetime.”

Adele’s daughter is now five years old and she says that “the amount of joy she brings me every day is priceless”.

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