Woman renounces transgender lifestyle after turning to Christ

A woman who lived as a man for eleven years has spoken about how she came to accept her biological sex after first accepting Christ.

KathyGrace Duncan professed faith in Christ in her twenties and eventually renounced her trans lifestyle.

She says she now wants to help people in a similar situation understand “who God created them to be”.


From a young age, KathyGrace believed that she had been born in the wrong body.

At the age of 19, she felt her only option was to ‘transition’ to a man.

She started calling herself Keith, took male hormones and underwent surgery.


However, after being invited to a youth group, Kathy professed faith in Christ.

She initially continued to live as a man; her church unware of her true identity.

But after eventually being challenged by her church she admitted that she was “a woman living as a man”.

She realised that she needed to be ‘the woman God created me to be’. She had medical treatment to reverse some of the earlier changes.


It is now 26 years since she stopped living as a man.

The process to undo the damage from male hormones took years.

She now says: “I really want to help others to understand who they are. Not who they might falsely believe they are, but who they truly are, as God created them to be.”


Earlier this month, it was revealed that hundreds of young people who have ‘transitioned’ from one sex to the other are regretting their choice.

Charlie Evans was born female but lived as if she were a man for nearly a decade before accepting her true sex and ‘detransitioning’ last year.

After going public, she was contacted by hundreds of young adults who similarly doubt their decision to ‘change sex’ but are in need of support networks to help them.

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