Woman forgives cheating husband who hired hitman to kill her

A US woman has shared her remarkable story of how she forgave the adulterous husband who hired a hitman to kill her.

Speaking to BBC World Service, Nancy Shore told how, after driving home from church one day, she found a strange man waiting for her in her garage.

The man shot her, with the bullet destroying one eye before lodging in her lung.

Barely alive

Nancy somehow survived. Barely conscious, bleeding heavily and struggling to breathe, she was nonetheless aware of God’s presence with her.

“When I came to, I thought ‘You’re going to die’”, but believes God gave her the physical strength to get up.

She managed to contact the emergency services, who arrived in time to take her to the hospital.

Lies exposed

Her husband Frank, who was supposedly away on a business trip, flew to the hospital to be with his wife.

But when the police began investigations, they discovered he had been having an affair.

When he confessed, Nancy was heartbroken, and more so when she was told her husband had been arrested in connection with the attack.

Frank had embezzled in the region of $30 million from a wealthy client to lavish on his girlfriend, and had also paid criminals to kill his wife.


Nancy gave a written victim impact statement to the court, and Frank was convicted of attempted capital murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Despite the devastating impact of the affair, she has chosen to forgive him.

“I couldn’t afford not to forgive him because I couldn’t live with bitterness.”

Six years later, Nancy says she is still thankful “for how God has saved my life”, adding: “It’s awesome”.

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