Widespread opposition to Relationships and Sex Education changes revealed

The majority of respondents to a recent Government consultation oppose plans to teach children as young as five about homosexuality and transgenderism.

More than 11,000 people responded to the consultation, with 58 per cent saying the proposed content for Relationships Education in primary schools was not “age-appropriate”.

Even more, 64 per cent, said the same about Relationships and Sex Education in secondary schools.


Education Secretary Damian Hinds pushed ahead with the controversial plans last week, despite the “large number” of consultation responses objecting.

Withdrawal from the teaching of LGBT relationships was a particular concern for many respondents, with three in five opposing the plans to weaken parents’ rights to withdraw their children from the lessons.

Respondents also raised concerns about the objectivity of resources being recommended for primary schools, but the plans are set to go ahead with only minor alterations.

Parents, grandparents and teachers made up around half of the responses.


The Christian Institute’s Deputy Director for Public Affairs Simon Calvert said: “We are greatly encouraged by the high number of responses and the level of opposition to the plans.

“It’s appalling how the Government has sought to downplay these contributions and in fact the only changes they made after the consultation have made these plans worse.

“People should be ready to mobilise in the months ahead.”

The new guidelines are set to come into force from September 2020.

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