Welsh Govt backs ‘conversion therapy’ ban

The Welsh Government has thrown its weight behind activists seeking a ban on so-called conversion therapy “in all its forms”.

The statement was made by Deputy Minister for Social Partnership Hannah Blythyn as part of an official video celebrating LGBT ‘pride’ month.

The video also contained a pledge for Government support for pride events, including a national co-ordinator and a “Pride Fund”.

Criminalising prayer

LGBT activists are pushing for a broad ban to criminalise prayer, preaching, pastoral support and even parenting which does not affirm same-sex relationships or a person’s chosen gender identity.

Westminster is already contemplating legislation for England and Wales.

There is also support for a ban from some politicians in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Legal action

The Christian Institute has threatened legal action if any ban outlaws ‘the wrong kind of prayer’.

In a detailed legal opinion for the Institute, Jason Coppel QC confirmed that activists’ proposed definitions of the law would criminalise the ordinary work of churches.

He warned that prayer, evangelism, church membership, baptism and communion could all breach a broad conversion therapy law like the one recently passed in Victoria, Australia.

Mr Coppel stated that such legislation would contravene UK human rights laws, which protect “the freedom of church organisations to preach” and “require conformity” to their beliefs on sexual ethics and gender identity.

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