‘We should declare that unborn children are equal’

Campaigners have launched a drive to strengthen protections for unborn children on the Isle of Man.

HEAR – Humanity and Equality in Abortion Reform – is speaking out as pro-abortionists seek to mirror the 1967 British Abortion Act.

But HEAR, made up of volunteers from the island, says this move would take citizens back to a time when there was less concern for the vulnerable, ‘cementing’ discrimination against children with disabilities.


The Isle of Man is a Crown Dependency, with its own Parliament.

Currently, the law on abortion – based on legislation from 1995 – is generally stronger than that in Great Britain.

It provides more protection for unborn children, including disabled children, and includes a stricter two-doctor rule for making decisions on abortions.


Pro-life Peer Lord Alton spoke at the launch event, alongside Peter D Williams of the Right To Life group.

Hannah Grove, from HEAR, urged the Isle of Man to “lead the way in affirming the equal dignity of all human beings – female and male, unborn and born, and regardless of ability”.

HEAR called for help to be provided to parents who have children with disabilities, instead of returning to a time when “attitudes were much less governed by a conviction of basic human equality or a corresponding concern for the welfare of all the most vulnerable”.

8 million abortions

In May, figures from the Department of Health – for residents of England and Wales – showed that there were 185,824 abortions in 2015.

They also revealed that more than 200 babies were aborted after the 24-week limit, most of these on the grounds of disability.

Since the 1967 Abortion Act, over 8 million abortions have taken place in Great Britain.

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