‘Voters sick of modernists meddling with marriage’

Voters are fed up with change for the sake of change, like the plans to redefine marriage, writer and political commentator Frederick Forsyth says.

That’s why people of all classes are casting their votes outside the three main political parties, Mr Forsyth says in his column for the Daily Express.

He thinks modernism is ruining Britain and a strong-willed traditionalist government could fix it. But, he says, we don’t have one.


Mr Forsyth said, “great swathes of ordinary British people are sick and tired of the insane tinkering with things that worked perfectly well before the self-styled modernisers, reformers and progressives wrecked them.

“A traditionalist (like me) is perfectly prepared to accept change but on three bases.

“One, the present system is working very badly or not at all; two, there is a head of steam among the people clamouring for change; three, the new proposed system has been tried somewhere else and seen to work much better.”


But for 20 years the political elite has had an “obsession with change for the sake of change” which “has been inflicted on just about everything we used to know and appreciate.”

Mr Forsyth asks, “where are the great street demonstrations” for gay marriage? The three party leaders want it, he says, but that’s about it.

He says the political elite “lives on its own separate planet” and it is no wonder that voters of all classes are turning away from the three main political parties.

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