‘Vote for marriage’ flyers to every Glasgow house

Every home in Glasgow will receive a “vote for marriage” leaflet this week, urging voters to quiz local council candidates on the issue of redefining marriage.

Campaign group, Scotland for Marriage, has produced more than 300,000 of the leaflets – enough for every household in the city – and the flyers will be delivered this week.

The leaflets show why redefining marriage is an issue relevant to the powers of local councils, and asks voters to find out where candidates stand on the issue.


Cardinal Keith O’Brien backs the leaflet, alongside the incoming Moderator of the Glasgow Presbytery of the Church of Scotland, Rev Howard Hudson.

Also supporting the leaflet are Bashir Maan, Muslim community leader and former Glasgow City Councillor, and Ann Allen formerly of the Church of Scotland’s Board of Social Responsibility.

Two weeks ago, the Council of Glasgow Imams released a statement urging all Muslims in Scotland not to vote for any candidate that supports gay marriage.


The Scottish Government, led by the Scottish National Party, is currently analysing some 70,000 responses to its public consultation on whether marriage should be redefined.

The response is the largest in the history of the Scottish Government and ministers say they will listen to all sides of the debate before making a decision.

When the consultation was launched the Scottish Government said it “tends towards” the view that marriage should be redefined. However, the proposal has sparked a major backlash.

Hornets’ nest

A spokesman for the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland said: “The Scottish Government has kicked over a hornets’ nest.”

“Of the 70,000 who responded, we understand the replies are running two to one against.

“We hope that the Government listen to, and act on the consultation.”


Over 20,000 people have signed a petition in support of traditional marriage, organised by Scotland for Marriage.

But the leaders of the main opposition parties have each given their support for redefining marriage.

A report analysing the Scottish Government’s consultation is due to be published soon.

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