Video: Lesbian feminist rejects same-sex marriage

Sky News’ “most famous lesbian” has declared that the campaign for same-sex marriage is “a waste of time and effort”.

Feminist Julie Bindel made the remarks live on air last week in response to comments from Stonewall co-founder Sir Ian McKellen.

The Coalition for Marriage petition, which opposes the redefinition of marriage, has a petition that has been signed by more than 60,000 people. It can be signed here:


As well as opposing plans for same-sex marriage, Miss Bindel made an astonishing call for marriage to be outlawed.

Writing on the Guardian website, she said “fighting for the rights for same-sex marriage is going too far”, and that she “would outlaw marriage for everyone”.

Last week Miss Bindel told Sky News: “Many people knowing that I’m a lesbian who has campaigned for gay rights for many years would be surprised at me saying this, but I would like to abolish marriage for everyone and say that we should have the right to civil partnership if we so wish.”


Miss Bindel’s comments come ahead of the expected launch of a new Government consultation this month on how, not whether, marriage should be redefined.

Live on Sky News, fellow guest and Daily Telegraph columnist James Delingpole referred to Miss Bindel as Sky News’ “most famous lesbian”.

Mr Delingpole staunchly opposed the abolition of marriage, and said he did not want a heterosexual civil partnership: “I hate that word partner, she’s not my business partner, she is my wife.”