Video: Gay marriage protest at Cameron’s local office

Yesterday, over 300 local voters protested outside David Cameron’s constituency office in Witney, Oxfordshire, against his plans to redefine marriage.

Former chairman of Chipping Norton Tories, Mrs Cicely Maunder, handed in a giant postcard signed by hundreds of local people asking Mr Cameron to leave marriage alone.

She resigned earlier in the year over the issue, which Mr Cameron has pushed even though it wasn’t in the party’s manifesto.


The constituency office refused to receive the postcard, leaving the door firmly shut to the local voters.

The local elections take place tomorrow, and many think the Conservative Party will lose traditional Tory voters who are upset with the Prime Minister’s gay marriage plans.

Several reports indicate that Conservative party activists have been leaving the party in their droves over the issue.


Yesterday’s protest outside the Witney Conservatives constituency office was organised by Witney for Marriage, a local group of supporters of the national umbrella group, Coalition for Marriage (C4M), which has a petition backed by over 650,000 people.

C4M spokesman, Mike Judge, said: “Redefining marriage is a vote-loser. Ordinary people want politicians to fix the economy and deliver better public services, not fiddle about with marriage.

“The voters of Witney don’t want it and the voters of Britain don’t want it. It wasn’t in Mr Cameron’s manifesto and he has no mandate to redefine marriage over the heads of the people.”

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