Video: gay history lessons could be forced on US state

The teaching of ‘homosexual history’ could become compulsory in California’s schools if a new Bill becomes law.

The Bill says it will prohibit the use of any textbooks that “reflect adversely” on the homosexual agenda.

In the UK, ‘LGBT history month’ is pushed in schools every February, with the backing of 10 Downing Street during the Brown years.

California’s Senate passed the Bill last week, but it still needs full state Assembly approval and the Governor’s signature.


Opponents argue that such instruction will expose students to material that contradicts parents’ values and will indoctrinate children to approve of homosexual conduct.

During a hearing before the Senate Education Committee, Pastor Robert Evans questioned how schools would reconcile a twin mandate to use textbooks free of bias toward gay people while fairly representing religions that do not embrace homosexuality.

And Republican Senator Doug La Malfa appealed to colleagues to defeat the measure, saying, “This, to me, is the final frontier of advancing this agenda into schools.”


The proposed legislation is called The FAIR (Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful) Education Bill.

The Bill’s sponsor, openly homosexual Democrat Senator Mark Leno, said: “Most textbooks don’t include any information about LGBT historical figures or the LGBT civil rights movement, which has great significance to both California and US history.

“This selective censorship sends the wrong message to all young people, and especially to those who do not identify as straight”, he added.

LGBT ‘history

In the past, LGBT history month in the UK has tried to teach children that Florence Nightingale was a lesbian and that Isaac Newton was gay.

Suggested lesson plans have included discussing genes, gender and the concept of ‘intersex’ in science, producing images of LGBT people in art, and exposing Leonardo Da Vinci’s bisexuality in Design and Technology classes.

And in February 2009, Kent police invited schoolchildren aged 13 and 14 to write an essay on their feelings about homosexuality, with a £25 book token for the best essay.

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