Video: frocks and pompoms for primary school boys

A teacher training pack, supported by a Government agency, says young boys in primary schools should be encouraged to try on dresses or dance with pompoms in the cheerleading team.

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The pack is produced by Stonewall, Britain’s top homosexual lobby group, and has been sent to primary schools.

An accompanying DVD, backed by the Training and Development Agency (TDA), features primary school teachers giving “best practice” tips from their own experience.

One head teacher on the DVD says pupils should be taught to be resilient to the values of their parents and grandparents.


Another teacher encourages boys to try on dresses, while another says it is wonderful for boys to dance with pompoms in the cheerleading club.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Stonewall received a £25,000 grant from the TDA, a Government agency set up by the Department for Education.

In addition, officials at the DfE are consulting with Stonewall on the Government’s current review of sex education guidance.

Sissy Duckling

The teacher training pack recommends using pro-homosexual storybooks for reading in class.

One book, And Tango Makes Three, is about a penguin chick raised by two male penguins.

Another is called The Sissy Duckling and another features two princes who fall in love and live happily ever after as King and King.


The Stonewall teachers’ pack suggests getting primary schoolchildren to act out such books as school plays.

The pack is part of Stonewall’s “Education For All” campaign which pushes the group’s agenda in schools.

The campaign is supported by 70 organisations including Government departments and local authorities.


Schools and local authorities are urged to use the material to demonstrate they are complying with the Equality Act 2010, which obliges public bodies to promote equality.

The Christian Institute’s Mike Judge said: “Tax-paying parents expect a decent education for their little ones.

“Getting young boys to dress in frocks and join the cheerleading team isn’t what they have in mind.

“But perhaps the most disturbing thing is teaching children to resist the values of their parents and grandparents.”