Video: Corrie’s ‘Christian’ lesbian plot not a ‘phase’

Evidence has emerged of a popular TV soap using a storyline which mimics the language and aims of homosexual lobby groups.

Watch a clip of Miss Vincent on ITV’s This Morning programme

In Coronation Street a teenage character, who began following Christianity in 2009, embarked upon a lesbian relationship this year.

The actress who plays the lesbian character spoke about her role during a TV interview.


Her language echoes that of homosexual activists who are keen to downplay stories of people leaving the homosexual lifestyle.

Brooke Vincent was asked on ITV1′s This Morning programme whether the lesbian relationship of her character, Sophie, was “a phase she’s going through”.

But Miss Vincent said it was not a phase. She commented: “In the story conference and everything, they wanted to make out that it wasn’t a phase because it’s not a phase to most people”.

The actress continued: “We wanted to play it really real and just normal.” She said: “You have a stereotype of what a lesbian is and it’s not always like that”.


In a publication by Stonewall, a homosexual lobby group, a Stonewall Youth Volunteer is quoted talking about what teachers should do if a pupil tells them they are gay, lesbian or bisexual.

“The teacher definitely shouldn’t say this could just be a phase”, the document says.

Stonewall has previously boasted about working with soap operas to further their cause.

Gary Nunn, a communications officer at Stonewall, said: “One of our key priorities is to promote fair coverage of lesbian and gay people in the media and we work with programme makers to reflect this.”


The Coronation Street plotline involves character Sophie becoming romantically involved with her best friend Sian, who is from her Bible study group.

In April viewers see the two kiss but their relationship becomes public when another character spots them kissing.

Miss Vincent says the storyline will show the “ups and downs of it all”.

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