Video: Christian B&B owners mark 50 years of marriage

Peter and Hazelmary Bull have spoken to The Christian Institute about the keys to a long marriage, as they celebrate their golden wedding anniversary today.

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The couple hit the headlines in recent years after they were sued for their policy of only giving double beds to married couples at their bed and breakfast in Cornwall.

The Christian Institute supported the Bulls through the court case, but they were ordered to pay £3,600 in damages and later lost an appeal at the UK Supreme Court.


The Christian B&B owners spoke of how their love, consideration for each other and a relationship with Jesus Christ have helped them to stay strong together.

Hazelmary explained that the couple were not Christians when they married, but their conversion gave “cement” to their relationship.

She also spoke about how crucial the Lord Jesus is, commenting that when the couple are “not listening to each other, at least we can talk to Him”.


The couple acknowledged that marriage is not without difficulties, but Peter said: “The bad moments only last a very, very short time”.

Hazelmary added that God set up the idea of marriage, that He delights in it, and that if people knew more about the spiritual nature of the relationship then perhaps they would be better able to commit to it.

Simon Calvert, Deputy Director (Public Affairs) of The Christian Institute, concluded the interview by congratulating them on their landmark anniversary.