Video: Chilean miner meets The Christian Institute

The evangelical Christian who was one of 33 Chilean miners trapped underground for two months recently visited Britain and spoke on camera to The Christian Institute.

Watch part one of the interview with Jose Henriquez

In a remarkable three part interview Jose Henriquez and his interpreter Revd Alfredo Cooper speak about the amazing events that captured the world’s attention.

Part one of the interview is broadcast today, parts two and three will be broadcast next week.


Mr Henriquez was visiting Durham Cathedral in the North of England as part of a UK tour organised by the Church Mission Society.

The tour is called “The 34th Man” and features Jose Henriquez describing how his faith in Jesus Christ helped the 33 trapped miners.

During the 69 day ordeal Mr Henriquez asked for 33 Bibles to be sent down to the miners in a small capsule


Speaking after he was rescued Mr Henriquez said: “I believe that the key to all this was in the Word of God, in having believed God”.

He added: “That’s why I say to the whole world that the Lord wants them to believe in Him to believe in His Word”.

Whilst he was trapped in the mine Mr Henriquez led Bible studies twice a day and he has been marked out for bringing “calm, God and unity to the most difficult moments”.


He was praised by one of the team above the mine for the times of prayer and Bible readings which were, “the most special moment for the miners” and he was also welcomed back to his home town as a hero.

Mr Henriquez, who is 54, has also revealed that a number of the miners made commitments to God while trapped underground.

“On the Sunday before we were rescued, I called for a pastor to come, because I am not a pastor,” he says. “So I told my brother in a letter, ‘Bring a pastor that you consider, and that God has confirmed, is a real pastor to come and lead the prayer of salvation.’ And he did that. And around 20 miners said, ‘Yes, they believed in the Lord.'”

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