Video: Cameron ‘concerned’ over gender abortion scandal

The Prime Minister thinks it is “absolutely right” that professional action should be considered for two doctors who approved gender abortions, and is concerned about the issue.

But David Cameron also said it is “very important” for our country to have independent prosecuting authorities who look at evidence and make a decision based on the public interest.

Last week the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said they were not going to charge two doctors who approved abortions on the grounds of gender because it would not be in the public interest.


Responding to a question in Parliament by Conservative MP Nadine Dorries, Mr Cameron said it was “absolutely right” for her to bring up the issue of gender abortions.

He said: “Let us be clear that abortions on the basis of a child’s sex are wrong and illegal in our country.”

He added, “in our country we have independent prosecuting authorities”.


“It is very important that they look at the evidence and make a decision on the basis of the likelihood of getting a conviction and the public interest in taking a case to court.”

“That is how things have to work in our country, but I share her concern about what we have read and what has happened, and it is absolutely right that professional action should be considered as well”.

Former Tory minister Ann Widdecombe said is “quite unbelievable” that the doctors will not be prosecuted, in her column for the Daily Express.


She said it was “moronic” for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to use the fact that no abortions were actually carried out to say it “does not matter” about the doctors’ intentions to break the law.

She said that is “good news” for those conspiring to murder: “If nobody dies no law has been broken. Or for a burglar who doesn’t actually get in, if nobody is robbed that is OK then.”

She added that the “real truth” is that the CPS is in the “grip of the abortion culture” in which pro-life campaigners are prosecuted whilst those agreeing to carry out illegal abortions are not.


Pro-life group ‘LIFE’ has written to the Attorney General Dominic Grieve questioning the actions of the CPS.

Professor Jack Scarisbrick, National Chairman of LIFE, asked in his letter to be told the “public interest factors” which weighed against prosecution, especially considering the admission that there was enough evidence to justify proceedings.

He also asked whether the “absolute” harm that would have been done to the unborn female child was taken into consideration.


The charity called the decision not to prosecute “strange” and “nonsensical”.

A statement on LIFE’s website questioned how many other cases of gender abortions were taking place “undetected and unreported”, and said there needs to be a “clear and unambiguous message” sent to anyone attempting to or breaking the law.

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