Victory! Assisted suicide Bill defeated by MPs

A Bill to legalise assisted suicide has been soundly defeated in the House of Commons.

Following a lengthy debate, MPs voted 330 to 118 against Rob Marris’ Private Members’ Bill.

In the House of Commons, Conservative MP Fiona Bruce said the Bill uses “disingenuous” language and lacks safeguards.


Labour MP Lyn Brown said she would vote against the Bill because it would “fundamentally change the way our society thinks” about the vulnerable.

Conservative MP Caroline Spelman said: “Life is a gift from God with all it entails”. She highlighted the “increasing secularisation of society” as a cause behind older people “feeling a burden”.

The result came following pressure from disabled rights groups, the medical profession, a number of charities and religious leaders.


Serious concerns had been raised that legalising assisted suicide would pressurise the sick, elderly and vulnerable into ending their lives for fear of being a burden.

Many pointed to the incremental extension of the practice in Europe, and the absence of genuine safeguards.

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