US Senate: Pro-abortion senators ‘defend infanticide’

The US Senate has refused to support a Bill to protect babies who survive an abortion attempt.

The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act would have required abortion clinics to transfer infants who survive abortions to hospital for care.

While the Senate voted 56-41 in favour of the measure, regulations meant it needed 60 votes to pass.

No exceptions

Senator Ben Sasse, who introduced the Bill, accused opponents of ‘defending infanticide’.

“There are no exceptions. There are no special circumstances. We should protect every human being no matter how small they are, no matter how weak they are.

“And if the Senate says that it’s ok to ignore born-alive babies what we’re really saying is we are okay with a society where some people count more than other people.”

He added: “Every baby that is born alive deserves a fighting chance at life.”

20 weeks

Senate rules require most ‘stand-alone’ Bills to reach 60 votes before they can be passed.

Another Bill which would have banned abortion after 20 weeks was similarly rejected.

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