US school district: Number of gender-confused kids rockets over 500 per cent

The number of children who claim not to be their biological sex has risen 582 per cent in a single US school district since 2019-20, it has been revealed.

An employee from Montgomery County Public Schools in the US state of Maryland circulated an image of school data shown at a pro-LGBT meeting.

During the 2019-2020 academic year, 35 students reported they were the opposite sex, “unspecified/non-binary” or “other”. By 2021-2022, the number had risen to 239, and during the current school year 41 students have already claimed to be different from their biological sex.

Nationwide problem

The data collected from 84 schools, including 20 elementary schools which admit children aged five to eleven, tracked the number of children who did not identify as their biological sex in a form completed by school officials. The numbers only include those who spoke to staff about their ‘gender identity’.

This isn’t just a Montgomery County problem, it’s nationwide

Of the total number of students who completed a form with staff, 45 per cent claimed to be “non-binary”.

Columnist Bethany Mandel commented: “There is a clear explosion of gender-confused children year-over-year, and it’s clear the majority of those are legitimately children, middle school and below.

“This isn’t just a Montgomery County problem, it’s nationwide; we were just able to get a glimpse of the data here.”

Social contagion

In the UK, NHS England’s Gender Identity Development Service reported a more than 3,000 per cent increase over the last decade in referrals for gender-confused children. There were 77 referrals in 2009-10, which rose to 2,401 in 2020-21.

Evidence of clustering appeared in 2018 at a school in Brighton where it was claimed 40 children did not identify with their biological sex, with a further 36 identifying as ‘gender-fluid’.

Another school reported that 17 students were in the process of ‘changing gender’, with some ‘grooming’ younger children to follow.

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