Poll reveals strong opposition to pro-trans policies in US schools

Most Americans do not support the promotion of gender ideology in public schools, a survey has revealed.

Pollsters found that a majority of respondents opposed school policies that endorsed the use of ‘preferred pronouns’, encouraged children to sex-swap, and kept parents in the dark about ‘social transitioning’.

The data was gathered as part of the Religious Freedom Index annual online poll of 1,000 American adults for religious liberty specialists Becket Law.


Becket reported: “In perhaps our most dramatic finding this year, the Index found a reversal in American attitudes towards school ‘pronoun policies’ that require students to address others by their preferred pronouns.”

In 2021, it said, “54% of Americans believed that schools should require preferred pronoun usage, but in 2023 the numbers have more than flipped, with 58% of Americans believing schools should not require preferred pronoun usage”.

The religious liberty group also found that more than three quarters of Americans (76 per cent) did not support schools “encouraging children to transition their gender”.

And nearly four-fifths (79 per cent) thought schools should not “be able to hide information from parents about a child’s decision to transition or take up a new name”.

Legal victory

Last year, a Wisconsin court vindicated the right of Mrs Tammy Fournier to protect her daughter from ‘socially transitioning’ in school.

Tammy and her husband pulled their daughter from school and sued Kettle Moraine School District “over its policy of changing students’ names and pronouns without parental consent and over their objection”.

In October, Waukesha County Circuit Court ruled in their favour, describing the social transition of a child as a “powerful psychotherapeutic intervention” and stating that the schools actions had infringed the couple’s parental rights.

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