US healthcare scheme ‘Trojan horse’ for abortion

America’s Government healthcare reforms are a “Trojan horse” for the abortion industry, a professional political consultant has said.

Chris Whitehouse said the introduction of public health provision in the US, known as ‘Obamacare’, may force faith-based providers to act against their beliefs.

He points to one example of an organisation that says it is likely to have to close because it won’t handle abortificiants.


He also quotes an American politician Chris Smith who says that on closer inspection of the scheme, many health insurance plans across the country will in fact “fund abortion on demand, even very late abortions”.

The Obama administration has repeatedly assured pro-lifers that no federal dollars would be used to fund abortion under the new scheme.

But Mr Whitehouse said in a piece for the Catholic Universe newspaper that the new law will mean billions of dollars will be paid out for pro-abortion health insurance, which is hidden in the small-print.


He said, “the Obamacare scheme will make it impossible for many charities and church groups to continue to provide services”.

Charities have warned that they are likely to have to close their facilities “unless they are prepared to handle abortifacients” and carry out treatments that run “counter to Church teachings”.

Mr Whitehouse said it is “tragic” that America “should be trampling in this way on religious freedoms and consciences”.


He added: “Such a fundamental lurch to ever more liberal abortion availability and the driving out of the public space of those motivated by conscience, should not go unrecorded”.

He said the President has allowed a “no doubt well-intentioned social reform to be a Trojan horse for the abortion industry”.

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