US Govt praised for affirming religious liberty

The head of a pro-life and pro-family group in the US has praised the American Government for supporting religious liberty.

Tony Perkins, head of Family Research Council, which aims to “advance faith, family, and freedom in public policy”, outlined recent moves to preserve vital freedoms.

He argued that the current administration is helping to row back on attempts to diminish religious liberty under President Obama.

Recent moves

Perkins highlighted a recent executive order, signed by President Trump, which seeks to ensure that Government officials do not “censor sermons” or “target” ministers and rabbis.

He noted that the President took action to protect the conscience rights of a group of nuns.

And he pointed to guidance issued by the US Justice Department, which explains “how religious liberty should be protected”.

Constitutional rights

At a recent event called the Values Voter Summit, President Trump emphasised the religious protections held in the US Constitution.

He said: “Religious liberty is enshrined in the very first amendment of the Bill of Rights.”

“This is America’s heritage, a country that never forgets that we are all – all, every one of us – made by the same God in Heaven”.

Perkins commented: “In an era when public prayer and displays of faith are so readily attacked, social conservatives were heartened to hear this reaffirmation of the role religion has played – and is still playing – for the public good of our country.”

‘Real battle’

Last month, a report concluded that attacks on religious liberty have ‘massively’ increased in the US in recent years.

The report, by First Liberty Institute, found that threats to religious liberty have risen by 133 per cent since 2011.

Commenting on the findings, president and CEO of the group, Kelly Shackelford, said there is a “real battle over religious freedom” in the United States.

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