US couple, married 72 years, die holding hands

A couple who were married for over 70 years and “just loved being together” have died whilst holding hands.

After a car crash Gordon and Norma Yeager lay side-by-side in hospital.

After Gordon died, his heart monitor was still beeping as Norma’s heartbeat was passing through his hands.


An hour later Norma died too. Their daughter Donna commented: “Neither one of them would’ve wanted to be without each other”.

Mr and Mrs Yeager, who were born in Iowa, USA, “believed in marriage”, their youngest son Dennis said. “They chose each other and once they had committed, that was it”, he added.

The story of the Yeagers comes as it was reported that a devoted couple from Bristol, who got married in 1945, died within 3 days of each other.


Mr and Mrs Yeager’s marriage in 1939 was a small affair, paid for by Gordon’s first pay cheque.

Dennis said: “They just loved being together but of course they would get mad at each other.

“My Dad was very sociable, he loved doing anything that involved being with people. My Mom was quieter but she would support my Dad in whatever he was doing. She would be there making sure everyone had something to eat, had a drink in their hand.”

The couple are survived by two children, 14 grandchildren, 29 great-grandchildren and one great-great grandchild.


Last month Raymond and Gladys Searle from Bristol died within 3 days of each other after being married 66 years.

Mr and Mrs Searle’s daughter Marilyn said the couple were “absolutely devoted to one another”.