University trade union claims members can self-ID as ‘black’ and ‘disabled’

A trade union has reaffirmed its commitment to enabling its members to self-identify as they wish, “whether that is being black, disabled, LGBT+ or women”.

University and College Union Edinburgh’s Twitter account posted a link to a policy document from 2019 which states that the union “has a long history” of encouraging such self-identification.

The document also declares that it “supports a social, rather than a medical, model of gender recognition”.

Weaponised ideology

An unnamed staff member at Edinburgh University said that trans activists within the union have sought to “weaponise” the issue and expel academics who were sceptical about self-identification.

They commented: “The branch is being used as a platform for an ideological crusade, with no resistance from University of Edinburgh management”.

Self-identifying as a member of a different ethnicity is known as ‘trans-racialism’.


In the United States in 2015, Rachel Dolezal resigned from her position at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and was dismissed as a university professor.

She had claimed to be black for ten years before it was revealed that she was born to white parents.

Dolezal claimed that with the rise of radical gender ideology, society had “evolved into understanding gender is not binary” and argued that race is “less biological than gender”.

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