United Methodist Church set to split over LGBT issues

The United Methodist Church (UMC) is set to split over pressure to make the church abandon biblical teaching on sexuality.

In recent years, there has been pressure within the UMC to permit homosexual clergy and same-sex weddings.

A group of leaders within the church who hold to the biblical view are set to leave the denomination.

Differing views

The proposal was put forward after a meeting within the denomination failed to find a solution to their differences.

In May, the UMC’s worldwide conference will consider if the church should split. It is expected to approve the plan.

A council of Methodist bishops said the proposal was the “best means to resolve our differences”.

The President of the conservative Wesleyan Covenant Association, Revd Keith Boyette, said the potential agreement “can end years of conflict and allows us a way to stay true to our values without this continual battle”.

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