Uni professor sent rape and death threats by trans activists

An academic has revealed that she is being targeted by trans activists because of her view that sex is fixed at birth.

Professor Rosa Freedman, an expert on human rights at the University of Reading, has been subjected to death threats, criminal damage and intimidation from those who disagree.

She recently received an anonymous phone call at 3:30am telling her she “should be raped and killed”.


The professor said that while she has been involved in controversial issues throughout her career, she has never faced such vitriol.

On one occasion, she turned up for work at the university to find urine splashed on her office door.

When making her way to an event organised by A Woman’s Place – a campaign group which meets to discuss proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act – she was forced to hide in bushes to avoid activists who were following her.

Prof Freedman said it was scary to have a group of students, many of them male, following her.


The human rights expert added: “Last week I discovered criminal damage explicitly encouraging me to leave the university because of my views that a woman is defined by law as biological not psychological.”

She said if a university professor protected by academic freedom could be treated like this, then it is “little wonder” that other women feel unable to speak out.

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