Uni: ‘Learn about swinging to boost your career prospects’

Students at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) were encouraged to attend an event about ‘swinging’ on Sunday in order to win points towards an official awards scheme.

An advertisement for the event, called “Polyamory Day”, said it would “explore questions regarding consensually non-monogamous ways of life”.

Students who attended were able to claim points toward an MMU Futures Award – which recognises extra-curricular activity the university claims will “impress employers”.

Relationship anarchy

The all-day event included speeches from several academics and was hosted by Dr Christian Klesse, an MMU Sociology lecturer who specialises in “sexualities and intimacies, gender and sexual politics” and “transnational LGBTQ activism”.

The event advertised that it would discuss “open relationships”, “negotiated loving multi-partner relationships” and “relationship anarchy”.

Students who attended the event received points towards their MMU Futures Award, which is achieved by completing activities the University has deemed “valuable and meaningful”.


According to the MMU website, gaining a Futures Award will boost students’ CVs.

Reacting to the news, one female student said: “I’m paying £9,000 a year for my degree and have hardly any classes, then the university hosts and promotes events like this.”

Speaking to The Sun, she described it as “creepy and a bit weird” and added: “We’re paying to hear about couples who have loads of partners and that’s supposed to help me get a job. What will they think of next?”