Uncovered: $1bn to abortion groups from US businessman

The world’s fourth richest person, Warren Buffett, ploughed $1.23 billion into abortion groups over eleven years, a media watchdog has found.

The Media Research Center (MRC), which analysed tax returns for Buffett’s foundation, labeled him the “king of abortion”.

Neither Buffett, nor the foundation at the centre of the controversy, have commented on the revelations.


Pro-life groups have expressed serious concern, with one describing the donations as a “huge scandal”.

The MRC says the money given “is enough to pay for the abortions of more than 2.7 million babies in the womb” – which, it points out, equates to the entire city of Chicago.

MRC’s report lays out the money Buffett’s foundation gave between 2001 and 2012, saying it amounted to $1,230,585,161.

The money was given to groups which either “provided abortions themselves or advocated for abortion or access to abortion”.


It notes that the media “have turned a blind eye” to the issue. “Journalists seek his opinion on taxes and the economy, relish his close ties to President Obama, and always want to hear his business prognostications”, the report says.

Responding to report, Lila Rose, who leads a US pro-life group, said the revelations were a “huge scandal” which “needs to be publicized”.

Jeanne Monahan, who leads a group that marches annually in support of life, said that Buffett’s donations were far from charitable.


Rather, they “sadly undermine and exploit the inherent dignity of the human person – in both moms and developing babies”.

Warren Buffett has made his money through investments, and is listed by Forbes as having a net worth of $65.4 billion.

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