Unborn ‘no right to life’, says Amnesty International

The unborn child has no ‘right to life’, according to Amnesty International’s updated policy.

Amnesty now states human rights protections only “start at birth”.

The organisation, which is one of the biggest promoters of abortion in the world, continues to call for its universal decriminalisation.

No rights for unborn

In its revised policy, Amnesty labels laws limiting abortion access as “human rights violations”.

It denies any “so-called foetal rights or human rights” to preborn children at any stage of life and says abortion should be available “as early as possible and as late as necessary”.

It also calls for further regulations against health-care professionals who do not carry out abortions because of their “moral or religious views”.

Abortion industry ‘mouthpiece’

Dr Daniel Frampton, of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), said: “Amnesty’s hypocrisy is glaring. Calling itself an organisation that stands up for ‘humanity and human rights’, it disgraces itself by refusing to recognise the humanity and human rights of unborn babies.”

He also said: “Amnesty International claims that its updated policy ‘respects human rights, autonomy, and dignity’. But where is its respect for the autonomy and dignity of the child in the womb?”

Amnesty’s hypocrisy is glaring

Catherine Robinson, of Right To Life UK, added: “Amnesty has sadly become just another mouthpiece for the abortion industry.”

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