‘Two year marriages’ planned in Mexico City

A city that introduced homosexual marriage in 2009 is now considering offering citizens short term marriages lasting as little as two years.

It comes just two years after homosexual marriage was legalised in the city.

Under the plans, couples in Mexico City could end their short term marriages if they no longer felt happy, or if the marriage was not “stable”.


Couples would sign marriage contracts, including provisions on childcare and property to come into force in the event of a separation.

The move, which has been described as “absurd” by the Roman Catholic Church, is currently being considered by politicians in Mexico City, the country’s capital.

The proposal comes from the Party of the Democratic Revolution and is claimed to be aimed at tackling high divorce rates in the city.

However, Hugo Valdemar, from the Roman Catholic Church, said: “It contradicts the nature of marriage”.


The Revd Jose de Jesus Aguilar, also of the Roman Catholic Church, commented: “Mexico is suffering very serious problems precisely because we’re losing family values.”

He said: “I think that instead of creating all kinds of comfortable rules for political purposes, legislators should focus on promoting strong marriages and family values”.

Angelica Cesar, who lives in Mexico City, commented: “If you’re making a commitment to share your life with someone, it better be for more than two years. It has to be for the rest of your life”.


Last week British Prime Minister David Cameron praised homosexual marriage. His comments came as politicians in Westminster and Holyrood consider redefining marriage to allow for same-sex marriage.

The Westminster Government has announced it is to hold a public consultation asking how – not if – the legal definition of marriage should be changed to allow homosexual marriage.

In Scotland, the Government said its initial view is that it supports redefining marriage for homosexuals. It is running a consultation, saying that all views will be listened to.


Church leaders have hit out at the plans to rewrite marriage. The Church of England said marriage is between a man and a woman.

And Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland, has warned that redefining marriage would have “huge implications” for society and schools.

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