Twins born at 23 weeks celebrate first birthday

Twins given a one in ten chance of surviving when they were born at 23 weeks have recently celebrated their first birthday.

Rylea and her sister Robyn were born prematurely after their mother, Claire Cunliffe, contracted an infection and went into early labour in November 2015.

Claire was devastated when she was told by doctors that her babies only stood a one in ten chance of surviving.

‘Perfectly formed’

Robyn weighed 1lb 3oz at birth, while her sister weighed just 15oz, but they now both weigh a healthy 14lbs each.

Claire said: “It was staggering just how small they were – but they were perfectly formed. Rylea’s hand was only the size of the tip of my little finger.”

She added that the girls were developing normally. “They sit up and they laugh and giggle”, she said.

“We are looking forward to watching them grow up into normal healthy children.”

Record breaking triplets

“I can’t believe when I look at them how well they’ve done. Every time they smile I can’t believe how lucky we are to have them.”

Last year, record breaking triplets born at 23 weeks and weighing less than a bag of sugar celebrated their second birthday.

Mother Emma Seaton described how the doctors had expected the babies not to survive, or to have serious long-term mental health issues if they did.

Positive outcome

Two years later the identical triplets are thriving, with Emma saying that not a day goes by when she does not “think about the fact that things could have been different”.

“It’s such a positive outcome for them after everything they have been through”, she said.

It is currently legal in Great Britain to abort children up to 24 weeks, or up to term if the baby will be born with a disability.

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