TUC supports radical transgender ideology

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has endorsed radical transgender ideology at its annual Congress.

The organisation, which represents 48 unions and around 5.5 million workers, said it would campaign for the Westminster Government and Scottish Parliament to liberalise the laws on legal ‘sex changes’.

It made the announcement just days before Equalities Minister Liz Truss confirmed that the UK Government was dropping plans to radically change the Gender Recognition Act.

Identity matters

The motion, which included the proposition “that for all social purposes, trans women should be treated as women and trans men treated as men”, was put forward by the union’s LGBT+ Conference.

It added: “Other gender identities (non-binary etc) are equally authentic” and stressed “transgender and non-binary people should be addressed by their correct pronouns and wilfully mis-gendering individuals is unacceptable”.

No self-ID

In August, trade union giant GMB also called on the Government to radically reform the Gender Recognition Act to allow a person to change legal sex by ‘self-declaration’.

However, late last month Liz Truss announced there would be no alterations to the law, saying the only changes to procedure would be a reduction of the £140 fee needed to receive a gender recognition certificate and to move the application process online.

She also confirmed that the rights for service providers to protect single-sex spaces would remain in place.

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