Transsexual guidelines approved in Michigan schools

New guidelines promoting transsexualism in schools have been approved in the US state of Michigan.

They allow transsexual students in public schools to choose their preferred sex, and which toilet and shower facilities they use.

The guidelines, which are voluntary, recommend that parents are only informed of their children’s choices on a “case-by-case basis”.

Concerns ignored

Approved by the Michigan State Board of Education, guidance says that biological males who identify as females should be permitted to use the female locker rooms, regardless of any discomfort caused to girls.

It states: “Students should be allowed to use the restroom in accordance with their gender identity.”

School employees will also be expected to use students’ preferred pronouns.


Parents will not be told directly by the school if their child decides to change their sex.

The guidance states: “Disclosure to parents should be carefully considered on a case-by-case basis, school districts should consider the health, safety and well-being of the student, as well as the responsibility to keep parents informed”.

“Privacy considerations may vary with the age of the students.”


Earlier this year, the Obama administration told schools to let transsexual pupils use the toilets, changing rooms and showers of their choice, or face serious cuts to funding. A federal judge in Texas subsequently blocked the directive.

The August ruling, which could be overturned at a later date, focused on the way the Government pushed through the change, rather than on the content of the order.

Judge Reed O’Connor said that the Government should have included a period of notice and public comment before issuing the order.

A recent poll revealed that two-thirds of Americans, including a majority of young people, are opposed to the Administration’s move.


Last week, an author and former transsexual warned that schools across the United States are “socially indoctrinating young children toward accepting transsexualism”.

In an article for The Federalist, Walt Heyer, who lived as a woman and had sex-change surgery before reverting to his biological male sex, accused LGBT activists of “infiltrating the curriculum” in order to create the next generation of “participants”.

Heyer said young people are being “encouraged by educators and medical professionals to experiment with gender transition”.

But drawing on his own experience, he argued that ‘changing gender’ is an “empty promise, a temporary reprieve” that doesn’t fix anything.

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