Transsexual challenges Govt’s ‘sex change’ plans

Dropping medical checks for men who say they are women would lead to abuses of the system, a transsexual campaigner has warned.

This week the Government has released a consultation on changing the current system, with Theresa May backing ‘de-medicalisation’.

But male to female transsexual calling himself Debbie Hayton warned that with self-identification “Any male person could declare they are female and inherit the rights and protections afforded to women.”

‘Cannot become female’

In articles for The Times and The Economist, Hayton acknowledged that he is “not female” and “cannot become female”, but is living as if a woman.

Men wouldn’t claim to be women purely to violate women’s rights, would they?

Debbie Hayton

Hayton said it was impossible to change “our biological sex”.

The transsexual teacher explained that the current system involves a “clinical diagnosis of gender dysphoria” but self-identification would ‘sweep away’ such checks.


Noting widespread concern, Hayton wrote that women “have not been reassured by platitudes”.

“Men wouldn’t claim to be women purely to violate women’s rights, would they?

“Actually some might, and the ones that would are those who women are worried about.”

While saying the current law could be improved, Hayton warned that self-identification “is not a progressive step”.

Everyone’s views

Speaking this week, the Prime Minister said: “I want to see a process that is more streamlined and de-medicalised – because being trans should never be treated as an illness.”

Equalities Minister Penny Mordaunt added that she was looking forward “to hearing everyone’s views”.

The Government’s 16-week consultation was originally set to be launched last year, but was put on hold after being described as “complex” and “divisive”.

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