‘Transphobic’ barrister who stood up for biological sex wins discrimination case

A barrister accused of being “transphobic” by her employer and placed under investigation has won her case for discrimination.

On Wednesday, London Central Employment Tribunal found that Garden Court Chambers had discriminated against Allison Bailey for her view that “a woman is defined by her sex”.

This follows the ruling of the Employment Appeal Tribunal in June, which upheld tax consultant Maya Forstater’s claim that ‘gender critical’ beliefs are protected by equality law.


Bailey, a founder of homosexual lobby group LGB Alliance, brought the legal action for victimisation and loss of income after being disciplined for challenging Stonewall’s claim that it is possible to change sex.

The criminal defence barrister said she had been silenced “because both my chambers and Stonewall treat people such as me, who hold gender critical beliefs, as being bigoted and unworthy of respect”.

The tribunal held that “her gender critical belief that Stonewall wanted to replace sex with gender identity” and that its advocacy work on gender posed a threat to women, eroding their sex-based rights, “was a belief protected under the Equality Act”.

This is a vindication for all those who, like me, object to the erasure of biological sex.

It also upheld Bailey’s claim that Garden Court had “discriminated against her” because of this belief, and ordered Bailey’s employers to pay £22,000 in compensation “for injury to feelings”.

Stonewall exposed

Bailey said: “This is a vindication for all those who, like me, object to the erasure of biological sex”.

Although the court did not accept that she had lost work because of her views, Bailey responded: “I did not win everything, but I won the most important thing: I have brought Stonewall’s methods into the public eye, and I have shown them for what they now are.”

Reacting to the ruling, JK Rowling tweeted: “Allison Bailey is a heroine to me and innumerable other feminists for refusing to abandon her beliefs and principles in the fact of intimidation and discrimination. Congratulations.”

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