Trans group: ‘Punching feminists same as punching Nazis’

A radical pro-transsexual group has caused controversy by condoning violence against feminists who oppose their views.

Maria MacLachlan was punched and kicked in London’s Hyde Park as she met with other concerned feminists to discuss Government plans to allow people to legally self-identify their gender.

Following widespread outrage, Edinburgh Action for Trans Health defended the attack by pro-transsexual activists, saying it was “the same as punching Nazis”.


In a letter to the Guardian, a group of 23 women including gay activist Linda Bellos and members of the Socialist Feminist Network, voiced their opposition to the Hyde Park attack.

“Attempts to minimise or justify this violence from those who sympathise with the cause these protestors claimed to support are deeply worrying”, they said.

“Women have a right to free association and assembly. Politically motivated violence aimed at silencing women and shutting us out of political discussion will not succeed.”


However, Edinburgh Action for Trans Health said violence against such people was “always self defense”.

It added: “we must be radically and transformatively violent”.

The central branch of Action for Trans Health distanced itself from the comments saying it condemns “violence against women in all forms”.

‘Change sex’

In July, Justine Greening MP said the Government should make it easier for people to ‘change sex’, announcing that the Gender Recognition Act will be reviewed.

Both Prime Minister Theresa May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have spoken out in favour of such changes.

A consultation is expected in the autumn.

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