Trans books pushed on nursery children

Books to encourage children to question their gender are being pushed on nurseries and primary schools across the UK.

Introducing Teddy, about a ‘transgender teddy bear’, and Are You A Girl Or A Boy, about a non-binary child, are both on a reading list for young children by LGBT group Educate & Celebrate.

Older children are recommended ‘Gracefully Grayson’, a story about a boy who is “a girl on the inside, stuck in the wrong gender’s body”.

‘Damaging and cruel’

Educate & Celebrate supplies lesson plans and book lists to nurseries and primary and secondary schools, and sends trainers into schools to work with teachers. The organisation receives funding from the Department for Education.

Chris McGovern, Chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, criticised the push for pro-transsexual resources in school, saying it was “damaging and cruel” to children.

“They are inflicting adult neuroses about gender on to children who are not interested in gender. Children do not have issues about their gender in 99.9% of cases.

“Adults need to stop thinking children see the world the way they do. They do not. They may play at being a goblin one day, a dragon the next.”

‘Unwitting tools’

The Christian Institute’s Ciaran Kelly added: “Educate & Celebrate is using children as unwitting tools in its attempts to normalise this dangerous ideology.

“Let children be children. They need protecting from activists intent on co-opting them into their transgender agenda.

“Children should be encouraged to take joy in how God has made them, not persuaded to believe that they are somehow ‘trapped in the wrong body’.”

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