Trans activists are ‘stifling debate’

Transgender activists are trying to stifle debate on proposals to make it much easier to ‘change sex’.

MP for Monmouth David Davies told ministers that activists are creating an “atmosphere of menace” over Government plans for the Gender Recognition Act.

In its recent consultation, the Government put forward proposals for people to ‘self-identify’ as a member of the opposite sex.

’15 stone bearded man’

Speaking in a Westminster Hall debate, Davies derided the self-identification model, which would allow people to legally change sex, solely by declaring it to be true.

“A 15-stone bearded man could simply define themselves as female and there would be nothing anybody could do to object”.

“Women who want safe same-sex spaces are not transphobic”

He added that any changes must allow for dissent, saying: “People should not face dismissal from their jobs for suggesting that a woman cannot have a penis.

“It may be an issue about which we can have different opinions, but it’s certainly a debatable point at the very least. Nor should they face dismissal for the so-called offence of ‘misgendering’.”

‘Not transphobic’

He continued: “Women who want safe same-sex spaces are not transphobic, and are not committing hate crimes. They are simply reflecting a concern for their own safety”.

Minister for Women Victoria Atkins MP said the Government is committed to maintaining protections for single-sex spaces.

She also said there were no plans to lower the age a person can legally change sex below 18.

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